The Effect of COVID-19 on Indian Literature

The moment we hear the term COVID-19, a sense of fear creeps in our mind by default and the reason being known to each and every living soul of this planet. The earth had seen a lot of bad phases from Holocaust to two World Wars but all these seems like a trivial matter when compared to the existing pandemic of COVID-19. Everything seems to be in a haywire as death, unemployment, fear, insecurity and such other negative emotions are trying to take over the usual harmony of the individuals. At this juncture when people are avoiding to even talk on this existing scenario, we talked to few Indian authors to know the effect of this pandemic on Indian Literature.

Dr. Nalli Ramya
Dr. Ramya is an upcoming author from Hyderabad, India who is also a surgeon by pofession.
This massive pandamic seems to be testing how well we can collaborate across the borders as we try to shut it down.This period of loneliness have resulted in the birth of a many new genre especially the lockdown literature.It has been a tremendous time for many storytellers to look beyond their keen observation gradually transforming their voice into ingenious words.

Anandjit Goswami
Anandjit Goswami is an Associate Professor, HOD, Department of Social and Political Studies in a reputed university in India.

Literature is any written or oral expression of art which means a new ideation or thought. In the times of a dystopic pandemic like Covid, literature also has become not only written or oral but also electronic. The virtual is real now in a post truth dystopic world where virtual is true and utopia at the same time. In the new truth of Covid times, what is vivid is the virtual predominance of a thought, expression or an idea which finally leads to literature. In a world of social or digital media or AI or machine learning dominance of the virtual media, does that mean Covid has made the electronic expression as a new truth. How far that expression is free from the manipulation of the agents who control the feeds, auctions the culture and behavior of the expressions of ideas and thoughts of people. Therefore, does Covid mean a manipulation and auctioning of literature at every second through the manipulation of human thoughts, ideas and expressions. Can it be therefore called as an – “Electronic Silence of Art”. The questions are neither simple or straight nor are the answers!

Ellora Mishra
The celebrated Indian poetess from Netherlands, Europe is a former Banker by profession.
Literature is the universal language of human connect which acts as an elixir to nurture the human souls. In the lingering lockdown period literature has been the sole medium of communication between the minds of people. During the dreary times of Covid, literature has served as a healing medium for one and all to maintain positivity.

Sabarna Roy
Sabarna Roy is a Civil Engeneering Professional and a critically acclaimed bestselling author.

COVID-19 Pandemic has posed an overall threat to the human civilization. However, I believe in threat being an opportunity. For Authors the Pandemic has unleashed before us a plethora of topics and ideas on which we can write and explore new avenues. Stories of migrant workers. Stories of COVID warriors and the deceased who did not gain back life and also who returned to a new life deeply scarred, remoteness, isolation and a strange kind of despair and anxiety looming all around. Stories of horror and death and hope.

Currently, I am writing a book on the Pandemic, which I wish to publish in 2021.


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