Fractured Mosaic

Fractured Mosaic, essentially a sequel to Sabarna Roy’s fifth book titled: Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018, is yet another kaleidoscope from Sabarna Roy’s arsenal that will take the readers to a mesmerizing whirlpool. Most of the works published in this book have been earlier published in reputed media houses as musings of an author; in this book they have been brought together for the benefit of all the readers. After the smashing hit of his earlier six master pieces since 2010, Sabarna has been constantly writing in the format of a journal to imitate how the mind works in real life.
Fractured Mosaic by Sabarna Roy Book Cover
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Book Reviews

Fractured Mosaic is a unique matrix of Sabarna Roy's own musings collected and compiled in a book which takes the readers to a mesmerizing whirlpool of post-modern urban milieu. Like a mosaic this book is a collection of some random musings and journal entries of the author. The musings ranges from tv shows to current socio-political situation. In his journal entries author talks about his childhood, how he miss his childhood and how sometimes the nostalgia keeps coming back.
This is a collection of journal entries and musings by the Author on various topics and aspects of life. I have read the Author's work in the past and I must say his views and thoughts are very much appropriate. This book is divided into 23 parts . Starting with what 'travel' does to people's minds, souls and habits to talking about various Web Series, movies and shows , his thoughts on various characters and comparing various settings and scenarios in those with his actual life experiences, there are a huge collection of knowledge and thoughts spread across the book.
Sabarna Roy gives an all new dimension to any given topic. It makes us think, deeply. It makes us question, even our existence at times. It makes us introspect. This is the sole reason why I love reading his books. To get a perspective on the regular or usual things in life which I know I won't find elsewhere.

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