Tara and Sandy Slow Dance of Infinite Stars

Endorsed by eminent personalities like Maithili Rao, author of ‘Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence’, and prestigious media houses like Business World, the novel revives the art of letter writing and intelligent conversation in a compelling narrative. The story of two lonely adults seeking a connection that kindles from their well-lived lives after school days reminiscences and glides around the suggestive slow burn crackling with sexual chemistry is interestingly narrated in this epistolary novel. Revolving around the highs and lows of time, space, and consciousness, the ideas are afloat with compulsive circuits and networks that keep the readers entangled throughout. The outlandish quirk of the book is evident in the portrayal of the tale through unique letters exchanged between the two characters, Tara, and Sandy. Written through the stream of consciousness streaming down the serrated jungle, the letters indicate the wilderness of Sandy’s life who is seeking out an anchor. A comparatively calmer and poised Tara exchanges the written communication ripened with possibilities.

Tara and Sandy - Slow Dance of Infinite Stars - Sabarna Roy & Sita Bhaskar Online
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This is the saga of Tara and Sandy, beautifully unfolding in the form of letters. The book follows a refreshing storyline without much drama but what makes it stand apart is indeed the narration. I really loved how the characters and the plot are developed through letters, thus exploring all the aspects including inner emotions. We used to converse through letters long back in my childhood, hence the book could ignite a sense of nostalgia in me. Also, it is my first experience with an epistolary novel and it went impressively well. It is a short read that you can easily finish within a day, and you will find yourself scrolling the pages absorbed in those nostalgic letters. However, the language is too simple and I felt that a better language and vocabulary could have made it more impactful. The book is a perfect blend of classic and contemporary fiction. Go for it if you like to try something new.

Shrinking Violet Unique!

Tara and Sandy is a novel that offers an amalgamation of classic flavor with a modern pinch of writing. It is a novel that converses with its readers so gently and beautifully. Tara and Sandy retain the epistolary form of writing with a modern touch. The term "epistolary novel" refers to works of fiction that are written in the form of letters or other documents. "Epistolary" is simply the adjectival form of the noun epistle, from the Latinized Greek for a letter. This form of writing gave readers a chance to hear from characters in their voices, adding realism and psychological insight, and they usually advance the plot as well. This novel mainly concerns the life of Tara and Sandy and the whole of the book can be considered as letter-based conversations which were exchanged between 2 characters prima facie the book is easily reflective of the peace and ability of an individual with which they can relate as both these characters are infinite stars who despite the slowness of their life shine bright and iridescent. The chapters of the book have been duly arranged simply by following a specific theme of letter exchange and throughout remain impactful. Without a doubt, I would wholeheartedly recommend the book. Read it as slowly as it takes; take it in; and see the shining glory of intimacy and relationship, especially as it is contrasted with the backdrop of the intelligent conversation.

Suyogya Awasthy Must Read

As we all know right, conversations are just lost nowadays they have lost their values in time of forward msgs, & stories, letters are dead. But the way a letter can make you feel these things can't!!! So, the story is set in Calcutta, without much drama, it follows a refreshing storyline. The story revolves around Tara & Sandy, & is told through the letters which is something different I've come across. Sandy & Tara were school friends & after 26 years they got reunited due to some consequences. After that Sandy starts writing letters to Tara & Tara in a surprise to him, also starting writing back to him. This is an "epistolary novel" which simply means a novel written in the form of letter/s. This novel touches on highs & lows of time, conversation between 2 lonely souls, reminisces of old days, ... This series revives letter writubf & conversation in a compelling manner. I enjoyed trying something new. Overall it was good. Simply a series of classic & contemporary fiction through impactful letters. Go it for, if you adore letters, if you are in a mood of trying something new!!! Happy reading peeps!!

Devanshi Joshi A refreshing storyline

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