Frosted Glass by Sabarna Roy

Book Review : Frosted Glass
Author : Sabarna Roy
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing
Rating : 4/5
Cover : 2/5

About the book :

The book started with a nice quote “We even find it painful to be men – real men of flesh and blood, with our own private bodies; we’re ashamed of it, and we long to turn ourselves into something hypothetical called the average man.” — Notes from Underground, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The book comprises one story cycle consisting of 14 stories and one poem cycle consisting of 21 poems.
The book revolves around Calcutta that are completely focuses on contemporary issues like man-woman relationship, moral and ethics.
The whole story revolves around rahul and it’s nightmare. There is a darkness in the book which was not so pleasing to read… One thing I would like to say that if the cover should be more attractive there would be more positivity about the book.

There is one point to be noticed that the whole book has repetition of character rahul which made it little confusing in the third chapter. The concept of the story was nice as it dealt with long list of sexual desires depicted in the book which has
Rahul symbolises modern man; he is not just one character, but all of us rolled into one. The story cycle stands out for two reasons – its brilliant narrative and the dispassionate style with which betrayal in personal relationships and resultant loneliness has been handled. The poems weave a maze of dreams, images, reflections and stories. They are written in a reflective and many a time in a narrative tenor within a poetic idiom. If you want to read and know the Mystery behind the book what it has do go and read check out the book it is a one time read.

I gave 4 stars to the book because the author has written some brilliant books which I Liked. This is a completely new concept that the Author tried to talk about so it is depicting us in that way. Else I would Like to Recommend this to all those who are deeply interested in reading.


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