Sabarna Roy is an innovative author who deals with human psyche

Author Sabarna Roy was recently invited to speak on the opening day at the Tata Steel Literary Meet 2020 in Kolkata. He was to speak in a panel discussion on the topic ‘dark side of human mind.’ If you’ve read any of the five books of Roy so far, you would not be surprised at that.

Roy has a special place among the post-modern authors in English language who deal with human psyche through multi-layered vantage points. He displays an exemplary mastery in understanding the human behavior, especially in wake of the cut-throat competition of the modern world. No wonder that his popularity among the English fiction reading population is on the rise!

Ever since he wrote his first book, ‘Pentacles’, Roy has kept exploring the darker sides of human mind, which is often marked by lust and greed. His next four books are centred on the same theme but are not repetitive. This is because Sabarna has been innovative in his themes. Moreover, his characters are devoid of stereotypes. The kind of plots that he weaves in his books forces the reader to question.

His expertise in writing also shines through the elegant combination of prose with poetry. He jumps from one genre to another effortlessly throughout the book. And all this is done while keeping the language of the book simple for readers to comprehend.

Among the many awards he has received, there is Literoma Laureate Award for fiction in 2019. He was also a speaker on the opening day at the Noida International Literature Festival’s 2019 edition.

To know that Roy is a technocrat basically, who has a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University, is also a kind of eye-opener.

As it is, Roy is one of those writers who write to inspire. Considering his works so far, this is one mighty inspiration.


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