Abyss by Sabarna Roy

Author : Sabarna Roy
Genre : Murder-Mystery Play

Short Review: The book was engaging. Period. I finished it in one sitting.

Long Review :
It is a two act play. The first act begins with Mriganka and Oindrilla waiting for the latter’s mother , they are a couple and Oindrilla wants to seek her blessings. The play picks up pace very fast and due to that it makes a very interesting read. Debashree , Oundrilla’s mother is a very powerful , influencial women who is of an owner of chemical company. She fears that some of her relatives and a loyal employee are planning against Oindrilla , who is to take over the company after Debashree. The story takes place and by the end of the first act , someone is murdered. and a private detective Renuka , investigates the murder in the second act.

Some of the revelations made in the second act may feel squimish , so if you get disgusted easy , here’s a warning.

Ratings :
1) Plot: 3.5/5
2) Character Development:4/5
3) Language/Writing Style:4/5
4) Attainment: 4/5

Keetabi Keeda Rating: 3.9/5

Source: keetabikeeda.home.blog

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