Meet the 10 most influential business leaders of 2022

Meet the 10 most influential business leaders of 2022

1. Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal- World’s First Image Scientist | Impact Strategist & CEO, Krea

An incredible personality who has brought immense honor to India in her line of work.

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal has almost three decades of work experience, exploring a diversified career path in aviation education, image management, IT, and media. This ‘Genius Polymath’ holds a Ph.D. in image management, three master’s degrees in various fields, and several diverse certifications to her credit.

Apart from her scientific creations like PIQ, D-PRIM, PIT Model, etc., she has contributed to the creation of a few hundred educational books in image management, personality development, communication, entrepreneurship, aviation, and hospitality. She is also an expert on psychometrics, personal branding, strategic self-management, and life skills.

For excellence in the world of innovation, education and social impact, Dr. Kuiljeit has earned numerous national and international honors like the Karmaveer Chakra Award; Bharat Keerti Award, 2022, Shiksha Bharti Award, 2020, World Innovation Award- Hall of Fame Honour, 2019, etc.

2. Dr. Urvashi Makkar- Director, IMS Ghaziabad

Dr. Urvashi Makkar is the most highly regarded institutional leader with over 23 years of an illustrious track record in Management Education. She has recently been elected to the prestigious Council of Management of All India Management Association (AIMA) as the Representative of Institutional Members for the year 2021-2023

She has 13 books published by renowned publishing houses, including TATA McGraw Hill, and over 76 publications in national and international conferences and seminars to her credit. She has served on the editorial boards of numerous prestigious national and international journals.

Being the strong-willed woman that she is, Dr. Urvashi has been honored with many accolades, including the Exemplary Contribution in Higher Education, by Honorable Shri Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Minister of Railways’ Sashakt Naari’ Award and Lifetime Time Achievement Award for Exemplary Contribution in Higher Education.

3. Vidya Venkatraman- Founder, Meraki & Co.

Vidya is a driven businesswoman who has been recognized by Fortune India as one of the top ten women entrepreneurs in our country in 2021. Her inventiveness in assisting businesses in increasing their online visibility or revenue extends far beyond just the superficial layer.

Vidya, being a problem solver, identified gaps in the industry and discovered what she needed to create to bring everything under one roof, and this resulted in the launch of Meraki on May 3, 2020. It is worth noting that she has built over 500+ brands, executed over 5000+ projects, and has a clientele of over 50+ who are still active.

Like the meaning of Meraki, Vidya is someone who puts her heart and soul into whatever work she delivers to her clients.

To find the key to fulfilment and success, Vidya firmly believes, “Don’t just read success stories; write your own.”

4. Chiranjiv Patel- Managing Director, PC Snehal Group

A well-established entrepreneur from Gujarat, known for his business, networking, and mentorship skills, Chiranjiv Patel is a Managing Director of PC Snehal Group- a construction company that builds iconic structures and public places around the country.

Known as a change maker and a giver, he is an inspiring leader who is endowed with the ability to make people smile. Bringing positive changes in the world for the betterment of society, he co-founded the Karma Foundation, which addresses all of society’s major social issues. Having adopted 40 girls for lifetime education and development, he is a firm believer in education and how it can help to make the world a better place.

He believes in uplifting, collaborating, and not competing, which is why he is the driving force behind Gujarat’s start-up ecosystem.

Chiranjiv Patel is unquestionably the leader of tomorrow, encouraging people to work hard for their happiness and be focused on their dreams.

5. Abel S. Boaz- Founder & Director, Abellian Finman (OPC) Pvt Ltd

Abel S. Boaz is a young, impassioned, and one of India’s most perceptive business leaders. He founded Abellian Finman and is a mentor at MAARG Start-up India. Abellian Finman is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Abellian provides cost management strategies to assist businesses in managing and boosting their revenue growth. Intended to curate and deliver customized models for value addition, Abel entered the self-serving field of financial consulting. The young visionary, with his commendable business ethics, public persona, and knack for turning questions into answers, now shares the stage with global Financial Management and Cost Accounting experts.

“Take the opportunity to formulate your financial goals, so you can stay on firm financial footing,” says Abel Boaz.

6. Sabarna Roy- Most Acclaimed and Respected Author in Our Nation

Shri Sabarna Roy is a renowned author who was born in Calcutta. A remarkable writer with one foot firmly set in civil engineering and the other in literature.

He has received numerous political grade honors for his outstanding work in writing and contributions to society, notably from the Finance Minister of Punjab- Shri Harpal Singh Cheema, and the Governor of Maharashtra- Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

The much decorated, celebrated, and prolific author Sabarna Roy was awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts by Azteca University, Chalco, Mexico, for his contribution to Post-modern Literature in Indian English writing, on July 28, 2022, in the Convocation Ceremony of the University.

Sabarna Roy’s ninth literary work is going to be published in the winter of 2022. It is an epistolary novel written jointly with his editor and friend, Sita Bhaskar. The writing of Sabarna Roy is, without a doubt, brilliantly crafted and alluring.

7. Dr. Monica B. Sood- CEO, Navjivan

A Physician, social worker and socio-economic analyst believing that her small accomplishments are her prodigious achievements, Dr. Monica, is undoubtedly a woman of substance. Helping people, uplifting the downtrodden, and curing the incurable has consumed a substantial segment of her life; she articulates this as her biggest trophy.

Being accorded with numerous Awards worldwide till now, including the honorable BHARAT JYOTI AWARD and STEIVE AWARD, she is always thriving for extensive knowledge.

After taking over as CEO of Navjivan at the young age of 18, Dr. Monica kept the continuity by strengthening her organization, proclaiming World Peace and concomitantly learning and grasping every bit of knowledge and transforming lives and healing masses around the globe.

As she is heading a 99-year-old group NAVJIVAN, which defines “New Life”, it goes without saying that she has restored new life to the people suffering from various deadly diseases.

8. Mitresh Sharma- Founder, First Bud Organics

With the mission of bringing nature’s original purity right to your doorstep, Mitresh Sharma founded First Bud Organics- a brand that claims and delivers the highest quality of fresh and 100% pure organic products to its customers.

A driven businessman who promotes chemical-free products and a healthy, smart India, Mitresh is committed to both causes. He skillfully manages the brand, keeping his promise to make high-quality products affordable for consumers and open up new opportunities for farmers.

The brand beautifully represents the purity of the Himalayas with a special blend of natural ingredients of fine quality, taste, and ethnicity.

9. Sahil Kothari- Founder, Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy

Honoring one of India’s most upbeat entrepreneurs, whose initiative has significantly improved the lives of many individuals- Motivational speaker Sahil Kothari is the founder of “Sahil Kothari Training and Consultancy,” which provides courses that seek to empower, enhance and elevate the lives of people.

With more than four years in the industry, there is no physical or psychological wellness discipline that he has not explored and polished yet.

Being the recipient of “Best Training and Consultancy institute in occult science in 2021,” he is one of the most ardent business owners who also offer certificate programs in meditation, yoga, spirituality, psychology, occult science, and other disciplines that promote physical and mental wellness.

10. Dr. Milind R Agarwal- Founder & CEO, Quickwork

The entrepreneur with a doctorate in philosophy, Dr. Milind R Agarwal, is renowned for his optimism, confidence in his judgment, and relentless drive for excellence.

A brilliant and dynamic industry leader, he firmly believes that the only philosophy that should drive enterprises is ‘social well-being.

An engineer from MIT Manipal with an MBA in Logistics from Michigan State University, Milind played an active role in his family’s transportation business until 2006, when he joined Gupshup, a conversational messaging company, as a founding team member and delivered remarkable results.

Driven by his desire to build a product that would be loved by millions of users, he founded Quickwork in 2015, which is poised to become the world’s leading real-time integration and API platform.


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