Established Authors Speaks On Skills And Processes Of Becoming A Published Author

Established Authors Speaks On Skills And Processes Of Becoming A Published Author

Several people aspire to become an author and many of them write pretty good as well. But becoming a published author is certainly a different task which involves a lot of processes.

1. Sreedhar Bevara, Author of leadership bestseller Moment of signal & Amazon’s popular book of 2021 Award winner The Roaring Lambs talks about the journey that goes into becoming a published author “Biggest challenge in writing is to write and write consistently. Translate ideas into meaningful and impactful words on paper. Collating ideas that have clarity, flow and structure for readers to follow effortlessly. A book isn’t possible without a tremendous deal of collaborations with different expertises and adequate research. It is indeed laborious to write. However, your arrangement of shredding the task into small units and rolling along the way until the big day is one way of approaching the target. This approach can automatically create value to each one involved in the long chain of author to publisher to reader.” 

The author’s journey is itself inspiring from being a  Street vendor to corporate boards and an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, Sreedhar Bevara is the CEO of BMR Innovations, a Management & Innovation firm

2. Dr. Sumit Goel, Author of I wanna grow up once again shares his take on becoming an author – from an idea to a published author. “Yes, it could be just for you to fulfil your bucket-list or tell a story of a journey. You must wish to help people solve a problem or contribute something in your field or establish authority. And absolutely nothing wrong if you want to be famous and earn money. What would you write if money was out of the question? What valuable knowledge do you have that most people don’t? What are you really good at doing that most people are not? Make A List of All the Ideas That You Want to Include in Your Book What must your reader know by the time they finish your book? What problems are your readers having in this area? What solutions exist that could help your readers? What myths exist that you can bust or clarify?  Market test your ideas.” 

“Search Amazon books for your idea. Click results, go to product details, check Amazon Bestseller Rank. Read Amazon reviews. Check what people love or dislike about that book. Use those ideas to form something even better. Search blogs. Blogs are what people read. This shall broaden and fine-tune your perspective.  Book publication is a 3-step process – writing the book, professionally publishing and letting the world know that your book exists! As an expert, writing is the simplest. It’s the marketing that’s tough to crack.”

Dr. Sumit Goel, M.D. (Hom), is a Doctor-Homoeopath and Healer, Teacher-Trainer and Mentor, Motivational and Medical Author. He is a Gold Medalist from the University of Mumbai, belonging to a family of Homoeopathic Doctors.

3. Sabarna Roy, author of critically acclaimed bestselling literary fiction of eight published books. They are: Pentacles; Frosted Glass; Abyss; Winter Poems; Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018; Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020; Fractured Mosaic, and A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship.

Sabarna Roy is Senior Vice President [Business Development] at Electrosteel Castings Limited. The author is an inspiration in himself as he has been a Senior Engineering Professional and an Author at the same time. That itself shows that if a person is passionate enough he can surely achieve any height.

Sabarna Roy is a TEDx Speaker, Champions of Change Award 2020 Winner, Times Excellence Award 2021 Winner in Indian Literature, and Golden Glory Award Winner for Critically Acclaimed Bestselling Author of the Year 2021. Sabarna Roy has been awarded the Right Choice Awards for Author of Eminence 2022

4. Atul Khekade, Author Of Me Ki Gai says that “Writing brings to me inner peace. It’s like meditation. When I write, I feel the inner chaos within goes out in an orderly, organised manner.” Hence he suggests that whenever one chooses to be an author they should have a passion for writing. According to the author the writing should bring inner peace to the aspirer.

The author, who is also an entrepreneur, shares “Even in my current profession, I have to write a lot. It’s just that I write more business centric material than something as a pure art.” His book Me Ki Gai is about a man’s journey to discovering himself, his love, happiness, and how to achieve success while working for someone you truly love and are passionate about. We see the concept of IKIGAI in this book. The book is inspired by this beautiful Japanese concept of having a direction or purpose in life, that makes one’s life worthwhile.Atul Khekade is a writer, Financier, and Entrepreneur. He is a first-generation entrepreneur in the Banking, Fintech, Crypto domain.

5. Rashmi Trivedi, Author of 2047: The Unifier is an author whose writing just happened as she wanted to share her experiences as a working woman when faced with a challenging situation. A science student, an avid reader, writing just happened to Rashmi Trivedi because she wanted to share her experiences as a working woman when faced with a challenging situation.With a positive attitude she could convert a challenge into an opportunity. Her fourth book “2047: The Unifier” is a futuristic fiction falling under the genre of romantic thriller.

The author shares that passion and determination can conquer everything and hence one should be determined and that is all one needs to find ways to become an author. She also loves to travel and read. One thing that exceeds all her other passions is her passion for life! Her passion for life keeps her alive and kicking and makes her jump out of the bed every day.

6. Ankur Agarwal, Author of Adyakshar believes that everyone has a story and those stories need to be written or heard. He suggests “Do not ever think – “Who will read it?” – write for yourself and that’s most important. Enjoy and pen down your creativity; it’s a journey you will always love! “

The author  a firm believer in “Life is mostly froth and bubble” currently resides in Gurgaon. He studied engineering at Birla Institute of Technology, then made a discreet foray into entrepreneurship! He loves playing harmonica and flute and trying out new things every now and then.Published his first book in 2013 which was a technology book published by PEI Media, London. Around 4-5 years ago again had a call from within that started a new journey in the world of writing and resulted in the Hindi poetry collection – “Adyakshar” “Adyakshar” is a bouquet of Hindi poems with “unanswered love” as the primary theme.


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