Celebrated Author Sabarna Roy awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts by Azteca University, Mexico

The much decorated, celebrated, and prolific author, Sabarna Roy has been awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts by Azteca University, Chalco, Mexico for his contribution to Post-modern Literature in Indian English writing, on July 28, 2022 in the Convocation Ceremony of the University.

In July beginning, Sabarna Roy was awarded the Most Iconic Author of the Year, 2022 under the Pillars of Indian Economy [Punjab Chapter] by Government of Punjab.

Sabarna Roy*s ninth literary work is going to be published in the winter of 2022. It is an epistolary novel written jointly with his editor and friend, Sita Bhaskar.

The Foreword of this book has been written by Maithili Rao, who is a film critic and the author of Smita Patil: A Brief Incandescence. Her new book Millennial Women in Bollywood: A New Brand is due for publication in 2022. In the Foreword, she writes “In one sense, Tara and Sandy: Slow Dance of Infinite Stars adheres to the classic definition of an epistolary novel. The form may be classic, but the spirit is as modern as tomorrow! This slim novel doesn*t hurl us into immediacy for its own sake. It leads us to this sense of urgency as two schoolmates, not exactly great friends, resume a long-distance relationship in a desultory fashion after a chance meeting at an airport – a standard meet cute cliché. Sandy and Tara positively reject the meet cute formula. After twelve long years, Sandy takes the initiative with a long ballad dedicated to Tara and her answer is amused, intrigued and non-committal.”

Sabarna Roy has started writing his tenth literary work as well, which is loosely titled: Thirty Summer Poems and Conversations about a Murder. Sabarna Roy has finished writing the Thirty Summer Poems, and is presently writing the part dealing with Conversations about a Murder, which is a prose piece. This book is going to be published in 2023.

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