Interview with Sabarna Roy, the author of five amazing books

1) Hello Sir, can you please introduce yourself? Our audience would love to know more about you.
Hi! I am a senior engineering professional and an author of 5 literary books and a single technical book. I am a person who is interested in delving into the multidisciplinary mysteries of life in a unified manner. Currently, I am working on my 6th literary book, which is a based on Ideas about the ‘certainty of uncertainty’ in life.

2) That’s great. Congratulations for all your five books, all of them are fictional short stories, poems and plays, what is the obvious reason behind this?
My sincerest thanks. As an author, I resort to fiction when I am interested in examining alternative lives. It is also an effective tool by which you can understand your own life in a clearer perspective.

3) I agree, do you remember what you wrote first? How did you develop interest in writing, is this something you always wanted to do?
I remember correctly, the first pieces I wrote were emotional essays, when I was in school. May be the pleasure of writing seeped into my nervous system so effectively that I ended-up becoming a natural author.

4) Your first book, “Pentacles”, how different it is from, “Random Subterranean Mosaic 2012 – 2018 – Time frozen in myriad thoughts”, what kind of transformation you went through, while writing each book?
There are changing patterns in life with time. This gets reflected in one’s books, including the content and writing style. But, I do not think, I have much changed radically from my first literary book to my fifth literary book. A real transformation is expected in my sixth literary book in content and in style. In the last ten years, with each book, I may not have changed a lot, but, I have aged and while my vantage point in looking at life may not have undergone a revolutionary transformation, but, I have become more calm, poised and reticent.

5) I assume you have gone through a lot to bring the things inside your head on paper, so would you like to share your journey?
My style of writing is simple. I capture the visualizations that occur in my mind’s eye through writing and when I garland these separate visualizations by moving a needle with a string through the flowers of memory, imagination and intuition, they become a piece of fiction. It is not tiring. It makes me feel peaceful from inside.

6) That’s truly appreciative. Your recent novel has gained so much love world wide, so is this kinda, ‘Dream Come True’ or you knew this would happen?
I do not think about the consequences of publishing my works. At the moment, when the book goes public, my only prayer is that it reaches a section of intense readers, who may or may not share my vision of the world.

7) How much time you usually take to complete a book? You are so creative while creating characters in your stories, also your poems have the calmness and peace, what inspires you the most when it comes to writing, how you do all this so effortlessly?
Each book takes it’s own time. However, comparatively I would say, I am a fast writer. Inspirations for me are my own life memories, observations, imagination and intuition. It may look effortlessly, as you say, on the surface because I have never written a single word in my life, which was forced out of me.

8) Does your family and friends have an equal share in your success? Do you belong to a literary background? Are the short stories completely fictional or are inspired by real life events as well?
Family and friends comprise the eco system in which I write. No, I do not belong to a literary background. But, literary books, literary movies, music, theatre and arts have been my constant companions through which I have entertained myself. What I write is bound to be an intriguing cocktail of fiction and real life incidents.

9) How happy you actually feel when people read your books and love to read more of your works? Do you take criticism in a positive way?
I do feel happy when people read my books and want to read them more and more. I accept all all kinds of criticisms with an open mind, but, do not react much for the simple reason, because I believe an author’s job ends after writing a book.

10) Amongst all your five books, which one is your most favorite and why?
I forget about my books very easily. So, I cannot say, which one is my favourite book.

Thanks a lot, wishing you goof luck! Thanks for sparing time from your busy schedule.


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