Book- Winter poem
Author- Sabrana Roy
Format- Kindle
Genre- Poetry
Pages -62


Winter Poem is written by author Sabrana Roy. As stated by title book is on Poetry. Book is a collection of poems and author has bifurcated it into 2 parts.

First one comprising of 12 poems, named as winter poems 2010 and other part comprising 26 poems, named as winter poems 2012

12 poems majorly talks about death and home and in 26 poems deals with the idea of loss and coming to terms with gradual wasting of life.

*Most of the poems among them are centred around the idea of death. Apart from the idea of death, author chooses various human emotions in the form of Poetry in whole book. While in some poems their is touch of culture of author’s native place “kolkata”.

*Poems can be better if it was written in rhyming words. There is lack of poetic flows in poetries.

*Author’s choice of word is something very positive and fresh in whole book, as reading those poetries needs some familiarity with the literature.

*Though that poem is of 60 pages and according to kindle, it can be read in less than 30 minutes but it is kinda advance read for me. To understand each poem, needed an effort and time here. Obviously it is not an effortlessly read for beginners, as understanding and absorbing the dept is something difficult to them.
I highly recommend it to advance readers.


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