Pentacles & Abyss by Sabarna Roy

Books from an author, that normally I would not read. However receiving those books and reading them, I was glad having read them.

Pentacles The first book that I finished reading has one long story and couple of four short poems. I just gave the poems a miss because I do not understand anything remotely poetic, but the story was something extremely magnetic and believable taking up from a soft beginning, playing on natural emotions like indifference, bits of hatred, love and finally acceptance over the years of childhood, adolescence, youth and finally maturity. I am sure all of us have undergone in some manner or other.

Abyss is a full length play in two acts. A sort of familiar story with twists and a bit of suspense, which fiction readers of theatre watchers may pick up by the end of Act one. Having said this, it looks something where I would like to see a Paresh Rawal directed Play itself.

I still have to commence reading Frosted Glass…..hopefully over the coming weekend.


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