Tete-a-tete with leading Indian Author, Sabarna Roy

Sabarna Roy is a trained Civil Engineer and passed out with a First Class Honours Civil Engineering Degree from Jadavpur University in 1988.
He is presently working as Senior Vice President and is in the 25th year of his employment with Electrosteel Group.

Sabarna Roy is engaged in giving leadership to Business Development, Applications Technology and certain key Strategies in the Electrosteel Group.

He has a technical book, titled: Articles on Ductile Iron Pipelines and Framework Agreement Contracting Methodology published by Scholars’ Press in European Union with two of his Co-authors, which have been translated into 8 major European languages.

He has been visiting national and international conferences to talk on various matters concerning ecology and environment. He is a firm believer in Paris Climate Accord and believes in lowering the Carbon Footprint in the industry to reverse the climate change effects on the planet.

He is an active participant in the multifarious activities of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Confederation of Indian Industries, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, and Indian Geographical Committee of International Water Resources Association.

Sabarna Roy is an author of critically acclaimed bestselling literary fiction of six published books. They are: Pentacles; Frosted Glass; Abyss; Winter Poems; Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018, and Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020.

He is a Goodreads author with present rating of 4.05 with reviews and ratings in excess of 1,500 and on Amazon, he is rated between 4 and 5 with reviews and ratings in excess of 1,250.

He has been covered by all prestigious national and international media including Forbes India and he is on Wikipedia.

He was an invited speaker on the opening day at the Noida International Literary Festival 2019 and a panelist at the Tata Steel Literary Meet on the opening day at a session, which discussed the Dark Side of the Mind.

He has been awarded the Literoma Laureate Award in 2019, Literoma Star Achiever Award 2020 and Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018 won the best book of the year 2019 from SALISMANIA.com.


What led you to turn author?
I wrote poems in English and Bengali during my university years between 1984 and 1988. In 1986, my first book, which was a slim anthology of English poems, titled: Pain, was published, and it created a stir in the student community of Calcutta. At the end of 1988, I joined the Corporate Sector and wrote on-and-off. Between 2002 and 2005, I was an oral storyteller. It was in July 2007 that I felt if I did not write, I would die. It was then that I took started writing very seriously. Although, my first book was published in 2010, titled: Pentacles.

You are a trained civil engineer by profession, how do you get the inclination and time to write?
I have been interested in interdisciplinary learning since my early childhood. That was the kind of training inside my family. So engineering studies did not stop me from reading literature, history, or other social sciences. Today, I juggle between two professions of being a Senior Engineering Professional and an Author seamlessly. It could not have been possible without the support of my employers and my family. If you have the right kind of passion, you will find time. Otherwise, not!

Tell us a bit about the books you’ve written which have got such rave reviews?
I have written six Literary works till date. They have been critically acclaimed and bestsellers at some point in time or the other. I mostly write about love, loss, happiness, defeats, and melancholy surrounding Calcutta or Kolkata today in the time span between the 1970s and the present time. In the specificity that I write, one can find the universal and concerning themes that cities all across the globe are undergoing because of aggressive post-modern urbanization.

What do you believe is the underlying theme in your writing?
The underlying theme of my writing is how an individual is being pushed to a corner in the rapid war of hyper-modernization and hyper-consumerism. Apart from human and societal decay, I also write about ecological and environmental degradation very passionately.

You’ve also authored a technical book, which is considered a must read among your industry people, tell us about that?
The book attempts to elaborate the use of Ductile Iron Pipelines in Irrigation application, Gravity Sewer application, Wet Ash Slurry application, Restrained Joint application and use in Steep incline and Hilly terrain, Life Cycle Cost Analysis between various kinds of pipe materials, Feasibility of Recycled Waste Water for Irrigation, a deliberation on Framework Agreement Procurement Methodology and Emerging Challenges in Pipe Distribution Network based Irrigation Projects.

You are also a renowned speaker on ecological & environmental issues, what drew you to that?
I am a strong believer in the fact that the havoc and mass destruction that has been unleashed on the ecology and environment by humankind in the last 250 years, has not happened in the preceding 5,000 years. As such, it is a time to wake up. Climate change is for real. I am a strong believer in the Paris Climate Accord. It is incumbent on all of us as individuals, communities and nations to incrementally deescalate Carbon Footprint. In all technical forums that I am invited to speak, I speak on these subjects very passionately.

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