Savarna Roy’s new book “Etching of the First Quarter of 2020” published

The seventh book of Savarna Roy, “Etching of the First Quarter of 2020” has been published. The launch of his new book was a resounding success in the presence of actress Swastika Mukherjee. 

Sabarna published the verdict on the seventh book,  ” ecim of the first quarter of ২0২0 ” (Etching of the First Quarter of 2020,) . Actress Swastika Mukherjee (Swastika Mukherjee) in the presence of ramaramiye his new book launch. 

Roy Sabarna world literature, the stage is one of the best writers. Some of his writings in the book ” pentakala ‘ s ‘,’ phrasteda glass ‘, ‘ Winter poyema ‘ s ‘ . He is one of the leading authors of technical books published in the European Union. His books have since been translated into six European languages. 2019 – The ” litaroma Laureate ,  ২0২0 on the ‘ litaroma Star Achiever Award ‘ – are rewarded at him. His writing ‘ Random Sub Terrain Mosaic ‘The book won the title of Excellence. 

” Etching of the Quarter of 2020 ” with short stories and poems . Here the author presents to the readers the conversation between an honest father and his honest daughter. Some fictional characters like the dualism of human life , ‘ Lalita ‘, ‘ Humbert Humbert ‘ have come up in the writings of Savarna Roy . Not only this, the poems in this book will also thrill the readers. 

Not just published a new book , 3 December spectators were witness to an extraordinary audio-visual presentation Ner . Incredibly popular author of two books ,  ” pentakela ‘ and ‘ The Tower and 001 – 00 ‘ of the extraordinary audio-visual prejentasana to be .

‘ Literoma Laureate’ award-winning Sabarna verdict of this new book in the country and part of the reader to get antidote prices are very low.


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