Slowness is the keyword in author Sabarna Roy’s life, read his interview to discover him more

‘Rahul’ and ‘Sabarna’ – how much do they intersect?
They do intersect at some points at one point in my life. Maybe, I have moved away from that.

Work, Writing, Family, Travel – How do you balance everything?
I have an organic and unhurried style to living my life. I do not take up anything that I will not be able to do slowly. Slowness is the keyword in my life.

‘Abyss’ was a book fair bestseller. Did you plan anything special for this book? What is the key to its success?
Abyss became the book fair best seller in the year 2014. It happened because of word-of-mouth publicity. I didn’t do anything special.

Ten years down the line, where do you see yourself as an author?
I have to explore newer content and style but remain authentic and lucid.

Have you received any literary awards? What are they?
As yet, I have not received any award except for the fact that I have been invited for many book reading sessions in Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai and Pondicherry.

If you would like to share a memorable incident from your life which relates to your literary success.
Like, some of my readers have come up to me or written to me that my stories are a reflection of what happened to them in a specific incident and have not been able to share that with anybody. This in general I believe is deeply pleasing to an author because such validation is an empirical evidence of his/her authenticity.


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