Book Review: Abyss By Sabarna Roy

Product DetailsPDF Pages: 120
Title: Abyss
Author: Sabarna Roy
Language: English
Publisher: Frog Books Publishing
Cover and Title

The book cover is intimidating which shows the image of deep and fascinating stairs which actually matches the title of the book which is “Abyss” which means something deep. I personally felt the cover and the title interesting even before reading the book. Theme
The book as the cover says is a full-length play in two acts with an interval as it shows a continuous interaction of various characters mentioned with the bringing of the book,
The book can be classified into a genre of a crime suspense thriller. The first acts portraits a conversation between characters in an intrusive behavior which results in a death that happens in mysterious circumstances that end with an interval. The second part of the act after the interval brings in the disentangle behind the death which I personally felt little dark and disturbing. The characters portrayed in the play is awsome work by the author turning it to an awesome suspense

Language and NarrationThe language used in the book is simple and easy to understand. The narration of the plot is mainly done as conversations between the characters of the book and to an extent, it has been written and conveyed pretty well as the suspense of the plot it maintains making it a gripping read.What I Liked and Disliked

  • I liked the presentation of the story and narration which gives equal importance to each of the characters.
  • I promise this book would challenge the way you look at life
  • There are no negatives as such in the book with respect to the entire plot and presentation as it is something one of a kind


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