Book Review 20 – Pentacles: By Sabarna Roy

A human is a social animal since his life revolves around bonds. And every human needs relation to excel in emotional space. Every relation is important and if it is between mother and kid then it becomes even more significant. The books tries to suggest what happen when such bond becomes estranged to the verge of being broken; how it impacts the kid.

Author has tried to bring out how separation affects a kid even when he is grown up. It does play with his decision making and mood swings as adult. Main character of story feels the void of mother love, it makes him angry but still he could not hear anything bad about his mother. Though he is successful wealthy person deep inside being alone haunts him.

The story is simple and adds nothing new to what we already knew about such emotions. Being a small story some characters are just introduced and left story without much consequence. I always wonder why intimacies have to be expressed as sexual encounters and even this story has made me to ask this question. Story is compact but it ends up abruptly. Main story is followed by poems but they seem more line ‘Diary Daily Logs’. I did not get their significance.


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