9 Books To Read This Summer 2022

9 Books To Read This Summer 2022

1. Ataraxia: 21 Places To Visit For Complete Life Transformation By Vishal Gupta

“ATARAXIA” will educate the reader on what places to visit to get a first-hand experience of the various aspects of life leading to a deep understanding of existential and spiritual questions. There is a surprise element to the 21 places. The author believes that most people don’t recognize the importance of the 21 places that he has mentioned and therefore people find these places surprising so as to be able to cause a transformation in a person. The author has shared 3 learnings from each place to give an idea about the kind of learnings a person can have at each place. This book is for millions of people who have started craving a deeper understanding of their human life form but have got no answers to the same yet.

2. A Man with A White Shadow by Vikram Suryawanshi 

A Man with A White Shadow is a fictional story depicted by the author in a form of a novel. It starts with Lord Ganesha expressing his desire to land on Earth and eradicate all the wrong and negativity prevalent on the planet. On other hand, we see three boys born around the same time – twins Karan and Arjun, and their friend, Rutwik. The book sheds light on various aspects of our lives like aging, discrimination, ambitions, guilt, etc. The author gives an objective perception of the soul who wants to change the world on these topics and through the eyes of three boys, he gives a subjective and humane perception of these aspects. These contrasting views force readers to take pauses all along the book and reflect on their lives.

3. “The Waiting Lounge” by Chet Kamal Parkash

The Waiting Lounge is not just a story but a journey of a young boy from the first day of college to entering corporate life, from laughter to heartbreaks and finding himself in the turmoil of life and society. Being a small-town boy Akash has big dreams. He crosses over to different landscapes and moves from one city to another, doing well in his life. But destiny has written something else in his fate. While achieving great heights, a tragedy befalls him and his fiancée-to-be dies, which leaves a void in him.  Everyone deserves a chance and Akash gets it when Dharti enters his life becoming his ray of light and bringing meaning to his life. The author has formulated a very special story that would touch the strings of your heart with love, grief, fate, and second chances.

4. “A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship” by Sabarna Roy

‘A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship’ is a crisp, fast-paced cocktail of different perspectives of an open marriage told from the point of view of Rahul, Paromita, his wife, Suroma, the ‘other’ woman, and Samaresh, the ‘silent’ eager paramour. The narration weaves in and out of their points of view as they are confronted with different challenges, including the moral judgment of their sons, Proloy and Ratul. Often our freedom to make decisions depends on a number of factors such as society, family, and others. At times, even if a person has clarity on what they want, it becomes really difficult to be able to make a choice. In this story, we can see that Rahul also faced such a situation. This is contemporary fiction with an amazing blend of different ideas and social concepts in it.

5. “Prodigal Love?” BASED ON TRUE EVENTS by Preeti Narang

‘Prodigal Love?’ written by Preeti Narang is a fiction novel based on true events. It’s a story of an Indian girl, Samaira. She is beautiful, educated, independent, and ambitious. She works in the IT industry in the UK. She is not a fan of arranged marriage and is waiting for her dream man. But because of Indian society’s belief that a girl should get married by the age of twenty-five, she is compelled to leave her well-established life in the UK and return to India. However, her life turns upside down when she finally meets her man and decides to marry him. The book is an eye-opener and a must-read for every person across all age groups. The Story is absolutely unpredictable with many twists and turns. It’s an emotional tale that will leave you startled, perplexed, and speechless.

6.”I Wanna Grow Up Once Again” by Dr. Sumit Goel 

I Wanna Grow Up Once Again written by Dr. Sumit Goel is an outstanding book about bringing out the best in you by changing perceptions and rebuilding behavioural patterns. The author talks about Inner Child problems and their consequences. The author claims that today the human race is a mess because of our unhealed “Inner child wounds” and it makes sense too. As we grow up, we try to understand life, ourselves, and the world around us. We try to live with a certain perception about ourselves and our perception leads to our patterns of behavior. This pattern becomes repetitive and something that we find difficult to break. We start to follow a routine life day after day and we find ourselves caught in a loop in life.

7. “Soda, Water, Lemon In My Mocktail” by Ruchira Garg

‘Soda, Water, Lemon In My Mocktail’ takes you through an immigrant woman’s journey towards finding her identity in a foreign land fighting all odds posed by unwarranted circumstances. The book has been divided into three parts, soda, lemon, and water, and each part describes a phase in the protagonist Mandira’s life journey. Throughout the story, which is based in the pre-internet times, the author has also brought out cultural nuances especially related to the Indian arranged marriage system which makes it very relatable. Despite this being the author’s debut novel, she has craftily woven the dilemmas of a young woman into themes of love, betrayal, sacrifice, compromise, domestic abuse, empowerment, and friendship. The flow is easy-going, gripping, and well evolved. The plot, setting, characters, conflicts, and dialogues make this book an effortless and captivating read.

8. ‘The Lemonade’: A collection of sweet, salty, and sour stories by Kankane Rakhi Surendra

‘The lemonade’ is a collection of short stories that are a reminder to embrace life and look on the bright side of it. All the stories aim to inspire everyone who reads them to find something positive in whatever situations life throws at and make the best lemonade possible. Most of the stories are so raw that they make us believe they must be real rather than fiction and each story begins with a short poem. We all have our own share of lemons but we cannot let the sourness of these lemons spoil our days ahead. We must take the situation into our control, and derive the positive from it. As the book name suggests some stories are sweet and salty, but every one of them leaves an impact on our minds.

9. “Get Out Get Going! Outdoors” by Elsie Gabriel

Why the Green and Blue Curriculum needs to be enforced as a policy by governments globally- To Know more about it join our conservation with Author Elsie Gabriel who is in Lisbon for the United Nations Ocean Conference 2022 highlighting Ocean Literacy. Her book Get Out Get Going Outdoors promotes environment education and ocean literacy outdoors, brings forth the urgency for citizens scientists, scholars to engage in environment and ocean education.
The book is is a powerful tool by Elsie Gabriel,  a certified Diver researching over twenty ocean/ wilderness destinations. Elsie has been trained by former Vice President of USA Al Gore in Brazil and is National Cordinator Oceans Climate Reality Project .Elsie is the founder of the Young Environmentalists Programme  and Ambassador for India Ocean Quest Global.  As the Co Founder of Ocean School  she’s  enforcing Ocean Literacy as a policy as Billions of humans and animals rely on the good health of the ocean, rising carbon emissions, plastic pollution choking the oceans, the only way to ocean conservation is through ocean literacy.

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