7 books worthy of screen adaptations in 2021

The dawn of 2021 has brought a lot of dreams, aspirations and vigor in our life especially after what we were bound to face during our global pandemic. The entertainment industry got a huge setback as a lot of films and web series were forced to either shut down or the inevitable delay in the release. Still optimism is the key factor for any society; and we are more than sure that Bollywood would continue to enthrall us with their quality content. At this juncture, we are taking a look at seven books worthy of getting adapted into a movie or a web series.

Rafflesia- The Banished Princess

A contemporary social drama exploring inner world and relationships by Gautam Choudhury deserves its position in this elite list. Set against the backdrop of a fairy tale, the events in the novel present a sharp contrast to its beautiful setting. The story telling is both poetic and poignant, alternating between the present and the past, establishing a narrative that throws in many surprises and keeps the readers engaged as the story progresses. Offering retrospection; it celebrates life, love and friendship, along with their many hues and colors. It shows the vulnerable side of humans and tells us how our thinking and experiences shape our exterior motives. The relatability of character and stories had already made a strong connect with the authors and we are sure that it will be able to spellbound the audience on the screen.

Abyss by Sabarna Roy

Plays have always enthralled with their screen adaptation. Being a movie buff, we have witnessed plays getting adapted into blockbuster movies or web series. One such play; Abyss by Sabarna Roy makes to this elite list. Abyss is a full-length play in two acts with an interval in between. Essentially a racy crime thriller full of gritty suspense; the act builds up slowly to result in a crescendo of conflicts between personalities and ideas finally to end with an unnatural death before the interval. The readers are hung in the balance to declare it as a suicide or a murder? Act two evolves through a series of incisive interrogations to unravel the truth, which is deeply disturbing and affecting. As the play unfolds into a very well-crafted situational thriller, underneath is the debate about using land for agriculture or for industry, the ethics of a working author and the nexus of a modern state all wonderfully enmeshed into its storyline and the personal lives of its subtly etched out characters makes it a bright prospect for being adapted.

The Broken Pendant by Dr Nalli Ramya

A raw story by a debut author is always a hot favourite among the readers as well as the audience. And if the story is a high-octane thriller; it makes a bright prospect for adaptation. Who doesn’t want his adrenaline getting rushed finding himself amidst the cat and mouse game? The Broken Pendant by Dr. Nalli Ramya is one such thrilling masterpiece set in the backdrop of Teotihuacan pyramids, Mexico and the Houston, USA. The thriller added with the beauty of Time Travel plot where present is held in 2054 and then taking readers back to 2024 through a diary. The Broken Pendant shedding light on gigantism and triviality makes for a well stitched story.

Pentacles by Sabarna Roy

One more masterpiece by Sabarna Roy is a combination of one long story and four short poems, the work delightfully bridges the gap between the mundane and arcane writings of today and provides an interesting, yet intellectually stimulating, treat for the discerning reader. The thought-provoking views on issues like love and socio-economic conditions in India are interspersed in the whole work. Unshackled by the bonds of rhyme and meter, free verses evoke the stark reality of urban life, hitting you straight in the guts. The use of everyday urban imagery adds to the appeal of the compositions. The free verses sketch out their life story with its attendant pathos, poignancy and logic. The relatability of the content with the common masses makes it a bright prospect for adaptation.

Heir- End of Innocence by Naseha Sameen

The story of princess and the attached conspiracy along with it has always mesmerized the audience and readers alike. Heir- End of Innocence by Naseha Sameen is one such book which makes it to the elite list. A story of strong characters with their flaws leading them through time and generations; the masterpiece makes an ideal prospect for screen adaptation with its elements of deceptions, conspiracy and blood feuds. The threat of losing the kingdom along with the desperation of heir in along with the looming economic collapse makes it an interesting theme. The addition of the theme of Swayamwar along with the story spanning for four generations makes it quite an exciting prospect of screen adaptation which secures its place in the elite list.

Pink Gender- The Extended by Anandajit Goswami

A seasoned thriller portraying the third gender as a prominent character makes an interesting theme for the readers and audience alike. If a book with a unique theme has the distinction of being an award-winning masterpiece, it becomes a hot property for adaptation. The investigative drama in the backdrop a mysterious accident makes the central theme of the book. Unfurling the story, we are immersed in the magical mysteries of life where few seems to be explained and some others unexplained. Opening the bright and dark corner of the human mind and psychology; it is indeed a bright prospect for screen adaption. The thrilling quotient added with the touch of psychology makes sure that it secures a place in this elite list.

Frosted Glass by Sabarna Roy

The current trend of adapting the collection of stories makes the Frosted Glass by Sabarna Roy makes it a hot property for screen adaptation. A collection of 14 stories and a poem cycle of 21 poems set in Calcutta raise contemporary issues like man-woman relationships and its strains, moral and ethics, environmental degradation, class inequality, rapid and mass-scale unmindful urbanization, are devoid of sentimentalization. The brilliant narrative and portrayal of betrayal in personal relationships makes the Frosted Glass quite an exciting prospect. The question of existence apart from other essential aspects makes it a better prospect of getting adapted into the visual form of art. The uniqueness of theme along with the relatability prompts us to enlist this masterpiece in this elite list.

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