I’ve never come across a book so amazing as this one!

It has excerpts, poetry, proses on such critical topics and issues engulfing our country, our society and the world that it’ll leave you nothing but out of words to express the level of knowledge this book has to offer to its readers.

Be it about the authors personal experiences of various places, or about politics, this book has it all.

I was so intrigued by this book that I literally took out pen and paper to take notes.

In one of the chapters, the author has mentioned about this book on Indian Parliament by Author Arundhati Roy. After reading that one chapter, I got so interested in Indian Parliament politics that I ordered this book recommendation and read it to understand more on the subject.

The title of this book – Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012-2018 is indeed a mosaic of major events that took place between 2012 and 2018 and it has all been so perfectly curated that one cannot help but want to read more on it.

This is by far the best Fiction/Reflective writing that I’ve read!

Absolutely recommended even to non readers.


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